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Farmland Protection and Policy Act (FPPA)

Legislation intended to minimize the impact federal programs have on the unnecessary and irreversible conversion of farmland to nonagricultural uses. Under this Act (7 USC 4201 et seq.), federal agencies are required to develop and review their policies and procedures to implement the FPPA every 2 years. The regulations establish requirements and guidance for federal agencies to consider the adverse effects of their programs on the preservation of farmland, consider alternative actions that could lessen adverse effects, and ensure that their programs are compatible with state and local government and private programs and policies to protect farmland. The full suite of regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) under this Act is available at 7 CFR 658.

Regulations Applicable to Energy Development

The entire suite of FPPA regulations may be applicable to energy development activities.

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This statute may apply to the following energy resources:
Biomass, Carbon Sequestration, Coal, Geothermal, Low-Head Hydropower, Oil & Gas, Solar, Transmission, Wind
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