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Potential Impacts of Wind Energy Development

Potential environmental impacts associated with wind energy development vary by development phase, and include direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts.

The potential impacts of wind energy development projects are discussed in this section in general terms on the basis of a typical utility-scale wind project. The impacts of a specific project will be determined by specific factors such as the number and size of turbines, the amount of land disturbed by construction activities, the amount of land occupied long term by facilities, the location of the site with respect to other resources (e.g., bird and bat use of the site, distance to surface water bodies), and so forth.

Measures to avoid or mitigate impacts are identified in the Mitigation Measures section. Guidance on conducting impact assessments and identifying appropriate mitigation measures for specific projects is provided in the Project-Specific Impact Assessments section.

Follow the links below to learn more about potential general impacts by phase of development: