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Health and Safety Mitigation Measures

Mitigation measures to avoid or reduce health and safety impacts from hydrokinetic energy development.

The following are examples of mitigation measures that could be applied to reduce health and safety impacts of a project depending upon site- and project-specific conditions. Many impacts can be reduced or avoided when considered during the siting and design phase.

Develop a final set of mitigation measures for the project in consultation with the appropriate tribal, federal, and state resource management agencies, and with stakeholders. Conduct these consultations as part of the project development process, preferably prior to final project siting and design.

Siting and Design Mitigation Measures

Siting and design considerations that mitigate impacts include:

  • Conduct a navigational safety and risk assessment and consult with the Coast Guard.
  • Conduct an assessment to describe potential safety issues (site access, construction, work practices, security, transportation of heavy equipment, traffic management, emergency procedures, and fire control and management) and measures to mitigate them.
  • Develop and implement a health and safety program for workers and the public, addressing all of the safety issues identified in the assessment and all applicable safety standards.
  • Consult with local planning authorities regarding traffic and traffic hazards. Address specific issues (e.g., school bus routes and stops) in a traffic management plan or in the health and safety plan.
  • Identify all applicable federal and state occupational safety standards and establish safe work practices for each task.
  • Fence the site to prevent public access.

General Mitigation Measures

General mitigation practices and principles that could apply to any or all phases of hydrokinetic energy development include:

  • Follow the health and safety program.
  • Use appropriate procedures to store and transport blasting equipment and explosive materials, including appropriate signage indicating its location.
  • Deploy navigational aids such as lighting and foghorns to minimize vessel collisions with hydrokinetic energy facilities.