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Energy Saving Tips: Vehicles

A list of commonly recognized energy savings measures for vehicles.

Energy savings measures for vehicles are provided below. Some are simple and inexpensive to implement, while others are more expensive. The extent of energy savings realized will vary by consumer. For measures that are more expensive to implement, decisions about implementation should consider how much time it will take to recover the investment.

For your convenience, the tips below are also available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

No-Cost Measures

  • Drive more slowly and avoid rapid acceleration.
  • Carpool, use public transportation, bicycle, or walk whenever possible.
  • Combine errands to reduce the number of separate trips.
  • Remove extra weight from the vehicle.
  • Avoid using roof racks and remove them when not in use.
  • Use cruise control on highway trips.
  • For any stop lasting more than one minute, shut off the engine.
  • Do not warm up an engine before driving.
  • Reduce the use of air conditioning at low speeds. Over 40 mph, using the air conditioner is more fuel efficient than driving with the windows open.
  • Park in the shade on sunny days.
  • Monitor gasoline mileage periodically to detect mechanical problems.

Low-Cost Measures

  • Replace air and fuel filters regularly.
  • Keep the engine properly tuned.
  • Keep tires properly inflated and wheels aligned. Don't use tires with a heavier tread than needed for your typical driving conditions.
  • Use the recommended grade of motor oil for your vehicle.

Higher-Cost Measures

  • Purchase a more fuel-efficient vehicle.
  • Switch to driving a smaller car.