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Potential Impacts of Geologic Sequestration

Potential environmental impacts associated with geologic sequestration are expected to vary by phase, and include direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts.

The potential impacts of geologic sequestration, including the transportation of carbon, are discussed in this section. For this discussion, we have assumed that carbon capture would likely occur at a power generating station not located on tribal lands. However, the captured carbon may need to be transported across tribal lands, so transport has been evaluated. The significance of the impacts depends upon factors such as the number and size of transport pipelines and injection wells, the amount of land disturbed by drilling and transport activities, the amount of land occupied by facilities over the life of the sequestration project, the project's location with respect to other resources (e.g., wildlife use, distance to surface water bodies), and so forth. Measures to avoid or mitigate impacts are identified in the Mitigation Measures section. Guidance on conducting impact assessments and identifying appropriate mitigation measures for specific projects is provided in the Project-Specific Impact Assessments section.

Follow the links below to learn more about potential general impacts by phase: