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Tribal Energy and Environmental Information Clearinghouse
Tribal Energy and Environmental Information Clearinghouse: Environmental resources for tribal energy development
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Biomass: Environmental Reports and Case Studies

Environmental reports and case studies regarding tribal biomass energy development projects.

The following table provides access to environmental reports (e.g., environmental assessments, environmental impact statements, records of decision) and case studies for biomass energy development projects undertaken by tribes. You may search the entire repository of relevant reports and case studies by document type, energy resource, project location, and/or tribe using tools provided in the Document Library.

Document NameEnergy ResourceDocument TypeYearMore Info
Biomass Case Study2009more info

Other Resources

The following Web sites provide access to repositories of environmental reports and case studies for a wide variety of energy projects, including tribal and non-tribal projects and projects involving other types of energy resources.

Tribal Renewable Energy Case Studies

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Tribal Energy Program maintains a Web site with information about tribal renewable energy case studies, including biomass projects.

NativeEnergy Project Summaries

Numerous renewable energy project summaries, including biomass projects, are available on the Web site of NativeEnergy, an organization providing technical assistance to Native American, farmer-owned, and community-based renewable energy projects, with an emphasis on identifying carbon offsets and selling renewable energy credits (RECs) to generate development funds.

Energy Consumption and Renewable Energy Development Potential on Indian Lands

Energy Consumption and Renewable Energy Development Potential on Indian Lands is a report published in 2000 by the DOE's Energy Information Administration (EIA) that examines electricity use, prices, and renewable energy potential for both Federally Recognized Indian Reservations and Tribal Jurisdictional Statistical Areas in Oklahoma.

Environmental Studies Repositories

A number of organizations maintain repositories of environmental impact statements (EISs) and environmental assessments (EAs), some of which are specific to energy development on tribal lands.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Impact Statement Database provides a searchable listing of draft and final EISs that have been submitted to the EPA (searchable by keyword in title, publication date, agency, and state). The EPA does not provide a copy of the document itself, but information regarding summaries of EPA comments can be obtained at the Web site.

The DOE Office of the General Counsel provides lists and links to various DOE NEPA Documents (draft and final EISs, EAs, supporting documents, and supplemental analyses) prepared by the agency.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission eLibrary provides a search menu to find EAs, EISs, environmental studies, and a full range of supporting documentation prepared by the agency.

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